How to use Facebook/Instagram    to grow your    business 

An official employee of Facebook presents, in rich detail, how small businesses can best take use of Facebook and Instagram. The information here comes straight from the experts themselves, and sets up both brand-new businesses and veterans with a wealth of tactics and knowledge that will prove vital to a business's online presence. The world of social media can seem intimidating to tap into, but this presentation makes it easier than ever, allowing small business owners to leave with a fresh coat of confidence and info that will greatly improve their brand and understanding of their consumer base.

 Managing Employees Across Generational Gaps 

Members of newer generations enter the workforce every day, and the modern office now has more diversity than ever before! This is exciting news and provides businesses with a wonderful variety of insight and perspective. At the same time, the generational gaps can require managers and entrepreneurs to constantly adjust their leadership and training styles to assure their employees all grow in the ways they need. Joanie Winters, esteemed business owner and attorney, has developed an incredible skillset allowing her to lead such diverse companies. She’s here to share her wisdom and tools with you as you begin managing your own employees across generational gaps. The goal is seamless interconnection and development, and with Joanie’s help, you’ll attain it.

 Securing Capital

  for Growth 

Securing capital and using it to grow is an absolutely vital goal for any business owner, and who better to teach on the subject than one of Rock Hill’s most successful entrepreneurs? Ryan Sanderson, owner of Knowledge Perk, will be speaking on how to find the capital you need to take your business o the next. This session will include details on different sources of funding that are available and the strategies that you can use to obtain it and utilize it to grow your business.

 Digital Marketing in

 5 Easy Steps 

Nicole Potvin of the Michigan SBDC presents a stunningly effective and concise breakdown of 5 simple-but-key elements that go into utilizing digital marketing for small business owners. Countless entrepreneurs work with a limited budget and even more limited time. With this in mind, many of them sacrifice digital marketing while thinking they don’t have room for it. Nicole Potvin proves that concept wrong in this fantastic guide to simple and result-oriented digital marketing.

 Effective Sales Forecasting 

Scott Eddy, a supply chain operations leader with PepsiCo, will share his expertise on forecasting sales revenues based on your business’s seasonal patterns  and other factors that can help you to better predict your future sales and cash flow. This eye-opening session will provide valuable information and tools straight from an industry expert, and prove useful to any entrepreneur looking to improve your understanding of how to effectively forecast sales and the costs that accompany them.

 How to reduce anxiety while running your   business  

There’s no question that the joy of entrepreneurship also comes with many anxieties. Dawn Mendoza, owner of the business success-story Movement, Mindfulness and Me, discusses those anxieties and methods to reduce them in a from-the-heart breakdown of the entrepreneurial mindset’s pros and cons. Any entrepreneur—be it an industry veteran or a brand new business owner—can benefit from this important session.

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